Mr. Wole Poopola

A Beautiful Small World indeed! We needed to transfer our daughter from her former school after observing a drop in the school’s quality. It was the same school her two older siblings had attended and it became an emotional decision for us to make. However, the resignation of a key management staff of the school by end of the previous academic session made the need to find her a new school, a top quality one, an important and imperative decision.

Considering that we’ve had no prior dealing or interface with Imperial Gate School, we were cautious in the early stages; but after 3 academic sessions and the conspicuous changes in our daughter’s academic and non-academic performances, we can look back and applaud our decision to enrol her at IGS.

“Our beautiful small world” is not just the motto of the school, it’s a reflection of the efforts put into improving the children. The school builds up the confidence levels of the kids, and gives them a platform to express and develop their innate talents.

My daughter, Modesire, lives, breathes and reflects the values of IGS, of course, coupled with the culture we have put in place at home. The school takes discipline seriously and usually gives timely feedback on any anomaly noticed with each child. The one-on-one session with the class teacher and each child’s parents at periodic intervals is a great initiative as it helps us as parents to know what changes are taking place in our children and our responsibilities to address them timely and decisively.

The management staff of the school have a great relationship with the teachers and non-teaching staff, and this helps to make them pass across expectations and vision in a cordial manner.

IGS is indeed, a beautiful small world.

Mrs. Uruh

IGS has provided the atmosphere for my kids to thrive and develop. I particularly like the fact that learning covers both academic and behavioral skills development. The kids are always excited to go to school.

The teachers are very interactive and very helpful.

Overall, I would recommend IGS as a good place for kids to attend school.

The Afolabis

We have no regret for choosing Imperial Gate School as our very own school. We love the balanced structure and core values at IGS, and our children say that from time to time. For me, it's the individualised parent- teacher-pupil collaboration that brings the best out of each child.

Imperial Gate School teachers are a rare breed, passionate, God fearing, loving, spectacular.......

IGS is the right choice for that parent who is holistically intentional about their child/children's education.


Mrs. Ejinima

I have been a parent in Imperial Gate School for close to ten years. The school has a strong, passionate and creative team that devotes time and effort to having a significant impact on pupil's progress.

IGS practices strong, consistent and committed culture of ‘Values,’ which resonates the school’s ethos— both staff and students— from Reception to Year 6.

My children enjoy being at school and are extremely happy being in the caring, supportive, respectful and safe environment of IGS.

With the love and attention the children receive, they are able to flourish and thrive. My children are very happy and proud of their school.

I admire the culture of kindness and responsiveness and cannot imagine not being part of this beautiful small world of IGS.

Mrs. Omonuvie Ezeugoh

My journey with Imperial Gate school started in 2014 and my time there has been very memorable! As a first time mum I wanted a school that would provide an enabling environment for my child to grow and develop and after almost 9 years I can say that IGS has provided this and so much more.

From the moment you arrive at the school premises, you are met by the very friendly and warm staff. The academic staff are very patient and willing to support each child to attain great potential. The school engages parents before taking critical decisions hence giving us a good feel that we are considered as stakeholders.

Finally, the results churned out each year by the Year 6 graduating sets is a clear indication of the highly competitive educational standards maintained by the school. Most of them gain entrance into very good secondary schools giving me the assurance that my children are at the right citadel of learning that will propel them to greatness!

Mrs Bolanle Esan

My experience with Imperial Gate School has simply been phenomenal. Although I had always wanted my kids to attend IGS, we were only able to enrol our daughter in 2018 when she was going to Nursery 2 and we have had no regrets. I remember meeting a member of the parent council at our new parent orientation and she mentioned how much the children bond with their teachers and love them so much.

A parent Mrs Hart, also mentioned the same to me during one of our conversations about the school. I can attest that that has been our experience. Every teacher that has taught my kids has become an additional parent and they have continued to support the children even beyond that school year. The support system in Imperial Gate School is well rounded including management, teaching and non-teaching staff.

Imperial Gate School is really a home away from home. Our kids are being nurtured and are flourishing and blossoming to our delight. I am grateful for the opportunity to have our kids loved and tutored by the best hands there is and we are excited about all that is in store for them and all the wonderful kids in our beautiful small world.

Mr. Chineme Nwigbo

Imperial Gate School is a beautiful school that has a good balance of academic excellence and social skills in stock for kids. I like the reward to excellence which the kids look forward to and the proactive communication which I really enjoy.

I have recommended Imperial Gate School to a number of parents and will do the same, over and over.

Mr, Onochei

IGS has been a centre of excellence that I recommend to any parent. The rigourous academic program that still has sufficient flexibility to accommodate the individual needs of our children has been instrumental in getting the best out of them.

The Ezeala Family

We chose Imperial Gate School with an expectation of giving our children the best possible education as well as exposure to extra curriculum activities. The learning experiences are beyond our expectations.

The teacher-student relationship is exemplary as they are very intentional on a one on one basis interaction. This has been aided by the small population in the classrooms. We appreciate the way the school involves us 'parents' by giving constant feedback on the students' progress and taking in and addressing our concerns to our satisfaction.

We appreciate how IGS has created a safe environment for our children to grow physically, emotionally and intellectually equipping them for future success.

Keep up the good work, God bless.

Mr & Mrs Anyanwu

Imperial Gate School is basically family to us having had three of our children pass through the school, starting from Playgroup up to Year 6 when they graduated. If there was an I.G.S secondary school, I have no doubt that they would have continued schooling here, because over the years IGS has become a beautiful small world to all the children that passed through this great citadel of learning.

Our first son who is presently in SS 3 is also a prefect in another school, while our last child in IGS is currently in Year 2 and is doing amazingly well. He's always eager to go to school and that indeed tells a lot about how good the school is. He is always quick to say that he has the best teachers and a conducive learning environment that makes him look forward to school everyday.