You Have a Brain: A Teen’s Guide to T.H.I.N.K. B.I.G by Ben Carson

Earlier this year, Dr. Benjamin Carson, emeritus professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and paediatrics at Johns Hopkins (also a 2016 presidential candidate) added another accomplishment to his impressive record  a book entitled You Have a Brain: A Teen’s Guide to Think Big. The inspiration for the book sprang from the advice Dr. Carson’s mother gave him when he was young: You have a brain. Use it.
The book is built on anecdotes from Dr. Carson’s life, and influential role models who brought real meaning to the THINK BIG qualities. As a youth, he came to believe his mother’s assertion that effective use of his brain could enable him to rise above the challenges presented by life and adolescence, including peer pressure. The inspiring stories in this book demonstrate the need for teens to use and develop a love of learning, to be all they can be. Dr. Carson himself pursued multiple interests throughout his adolescence and found that each of them, whether art, music, science, or the military, contributed to his professional success and enjoyment of life.

Intent/FocusA THINK BIG guideline for teens, incorporating Talent, Honesty, Insight, Niceness, Knowledge, Books, In-depth learning and God.

What Teens will learn: How a teenager can overcome obstacles and achieve personal greatness, by applying Dr. Carson’s THINK BIG approach.

Why we recommend it: As educators, our careers are centered on helping to develop the potentials inside our students. Dr. Carson’s book provides real-life examples as well as a neuroscientists insight to optimizing the use of our brain and our learning opportunities.

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