WAYS TO TEACH CHILDREN TO BECOME ENTREPRENEURS #1 #igslekki #lekkischools #entrepreneurs


  1. Teaching them to recognize opportunities and how to seize them will contribute to their level of success in the future. Brainstorm on solutions together on how to resolve problems around them. Teach them how to turn every crisis into an opportunity. This would help them to see solution in any problem that arises. It can help them to develop profitable ideas in their future businesses.


Do you know that your pupils may be looking at you as you teach without actually listening? As a teacher, you may find yourself in this situation daily, so be prepared!
One way of keeping your pupils’ attention on you is to become animated while teaching, by moving around the classroom, or talking louder than you normally would. 
One other way is to constantly practice the act of pausing. Slow down and learn to pause in-between sentences. When you pause while teaching you capture and keep the attention of your pupils. It actually helps you to  listen to yourself too. For a better effect, you could actually make your lesson look “awkward” by pausing for about 5 seconds. They can’t but wonder why you paused for that long. They will all be drawn to you. This brings drama to your teaching and your class will come alive!
You may also get their attention by using catchphrases. This may not seem like it can make a lot of impact but when they hear you using your favourite catchphrases, they know an instruction must definitely follow. 
Use these few tips, and help your pupils TO LISTEN AND DECIPHER  things  for THEMSELVES. 


Allowing your students to decide class rules can undermine your leadership presence as a teacher. It can weaken your authority.  When your students see you as a teacher who is unsure of how to enforce rules, your task becomes more difficult.
Create an environment of safety and commitment to all that concern your pupils. When you present rules and consequences and follow through, your pupils become accountable for their behavior. 
There are a lot of opportunities which allow pupils to make decisions, but they shouldnt interfere with a teachers role. When you strike a balance in your class and present yourself as a compassionate teacher who puts the interest of his/her pupils first, you will have their full support and trust.