It is important to let children know that they can make it through any situation. This is where coping skills come into play. Coping skills help children get back on their feet whenever they have been under pressure.

Here are some coping skills to help guide our children

  • Counting slowly upwards from 1 to 10 helps children with control and focus when they feel pressured.

  • Teach them to take deep breaths and exhale so hard that it can move a very light object in the room. It calms the body.

  • Teach them to talk to you when they feel stressed. Help them to narrow down what might have triggered the stress or pressure they are feeling. It relieves negative emotions.

  • Teach them to ask for help from you when issues arise. Doing this helps children know that they can turn to you for help at any time. It encourages them to talk to you about different emotions/ activities and trust that you can help them through it.

  • Not every child would be up for this, but dancing helps in relieving tension. It can make a huge difference for any child who chooses to do this. Dancing is a good way to boost one’s mood. It is also a lot of fun.

  • Think happy thoughts. This can be great for countering sad feelings. It will help them to remember positive and beautiful things in their lives. You’re not doing this to squash the feelings which they currently feel rather to help balance their feelings.

  • Constantly give your children hugs. Physical contacts can be affirming even for an adult. It reminds them that they are never alone and that they are loved. Snuggling and hugging your children reassures them that they can cope.

Using these coping skills with children can help them withstand and overcome pressure easily. But remember that each child is different and these tips might not match all personality types. Work with your child(ren) to know the best coping skills for them.

HOW GOOD ARE YOU AS A PARENT? #igs #goodparenting


Teaching our children good moral values to live by daily goes a long way in sharpening their behavioural patterns. Never relent on your efforts in teaching values, it often times stays with them and before long you’ll begin to see the fruits of your labour. Some children do experience difficulty, but effective and consistent parenting helps to clear the path for learning in every child.

HOW GOOD ARE YOU AS A PARENT? #igs #goodparenting


You should be a go-to mum or dad; a confidante to your children. As parents, we should build the kind of relationships with our children that will allow them to trust us and be vulnerable with us. We should always try to listen to our children no matter how insignificant the issue may be.

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  1. Teaching them to recognize opportunities and how to seize them will contribute to their level of success in the future. Brainstorm on solutions together on how to resolve problems around them. Teach them how to turn every crisis into an opportunity. This would help them to see solution in any problem that arises. It can help them to develop profitable ideas in their future businesses.


Social skills as the skills we need to interact adaptively in our cultural environment. Schools aren’t only a place where pupils learn how to read and write, they also learn to get along with other children and develop social skills.

For children, developing good social skills is very important to their emotional health and wellbeing.  Some children are well endowed with social skills, while some are just on the average, some don’t even possess any social skill. This is because they have different personalities. These skills can be taught either by parents or teachers using different strategies.
Let’s focus on how teachers can help their pupils develop their social skills.
TIP #1:

Children spend most of their time with their peers in school. So, at any given opportunity teachers can help improve this skill. Identify the strengths of all your pupils, their social weaknesses and create opportunities that can help them.
Pair pupils with different social skills; let them learn from each other.
Your class room style shouldn’t only be competitive but cooperative, that way your pupils can be relaxed and learn from each other.

​MY PARENTS – A poem by Brittany Trevisian

‘When I was younger you always knew best,
And as I grew up I never would have guessed,

That everything you told me was right,

And I just needed to put up a fight.

You would tell me I was wrong,

And we would do the same dance and song,

Only for me to learn,

That there are certain things in my life you earn.

You always pushed me to be more,

But only because you wanted me to soar,

You told me I could accomplish whatever I wanted to,

And all I want is to be just like you,



The most valuable thing we can do for our children is to “parent them the right way”.

Our children are affected more by our kind of parenting than anything in the world. We are the first point of influence they have.
The way we parent them sends a ripple effect in the chain of life. That is, through the society and anything that has to do with them. Their action affects their future and the future of others; negatively or positively.
If parenting is valuable to us then we would need to place more value on it. Pay attention to it and prioritized it over other things.
Parenting is not an easy task, and it is without off-days. Deciding to do this means devoting our time, commitment and energy to it. We must be ready to spend quality time with our children, guide them, have fun with them, educate and most especially listen to them.
We should always remember this; whatever we pass to our children is what they will exhibit. Shape their lives by giving them good values.
Be a good and caring parent, full of understanding and love, and your child will develop the same nature.


Whether you are a parent or not, if you have children under your care, you should be able to teach them that there are a lot of things in life that are more valuable than material possessions.


Teach them that family is everything. Family is very important. We have each others back, we love one another, and we share our pains and successes. Family is the first foundation for any child. Teach them to always be proud of their families and not to forget where they come from.

Irrespective of gender, age or tribe, teach your children to always respect and value other people and their opinions.

Make them know that life is full of challenges. Help them to understand that life is not all about glitz and glamour. Problems and challenges can arise which may be seen as insurmountable at that time. Some can be easily solved while some can’t be. When they understand this, it will set them on the right path as they strive to do more, no matter the challenge.

Talk to them about love. Let them learn from you on how to show affection and to express it freely. Teach them to enjoy and realize that love is great.

When they value themselves, they are more likely to develop self-worth, have self-confidence and great self-esteem. 


Parents face challenging issues like discipline, decision making and a whole lot of issues as regards raising our children RIGHT.

Some challenges most parents face are:

Our children can push us beyond limit because they are not obedient sometimes. Maintain your parental control by staying in control, even when you are angry. Be mindful of your choice of words when angry.

Controlling children to the extreme can make your children become defiant, disrespectful and depressed, especially your teenagers. Sometimes, it is better you take a step backwards and allow your children figure things out unaided. Allow them experience the consequences of their actions.

Oftentimes, we allow fear to get the better part of us. Fear of the unknown. Fear sets in when we think we are not doing a good job as parents, contemplating and asking ourselves,



Lookaway from all these and focus on the good job you’re doing. Take a step backwards and look at the BEAUTIFUL THINGS in front of you. You will become more positive thereafter.

If your expectations for your children are too high, they become pressurised. Give your child the opportunity to be a child. Set realistic and attainable expectations for your child!

Work through handling challenges that come with parenting and help your children be the best.