IGS Celebrates Nigeria @ 58 #igslekki #nigeria #independence

IGS was not left out in celebrating the 58th independence anniversary celebration of our dear country Nigeria. Our pupils and staff turned out gaily dressed in attires reflecting all tribes of the country.

Wearing these lovely outfits that depict Nigeria’s ingenuity made the children excited and for many of them it was a glimpse of what happened almost 58 years ago.
The event started with showing allegiance to Nigeria by the singing of the National Anthem.

Afterwards, the beautiful song – ‘Nigeria, My Beloved Country’ by Funmi Adams echoed throughout the school as everyone sang with unquestionable love for this great land of hope. The important role of patriotism, in nation building, was also reiterated to the school community.

The atmosphere in the school emitted the fervour and hope we have for Nigeria. Long live NIGERIA; Long live IGS!!!


If you’re trusted and liked by your pupils, your classroom becomes a loving and beautiful place where your pupils look forward to being part of everyday process. This is a plus for every teacher because it helps in everything you do with your pupils and your work becomes easier for you.

How do you do this?

Begin by showing and telling them how much you appreciate them and how much you love being their teacher. Children respond to love from their teachers and they’re easily motivated when they are loved.

Let them know that you understand the pressure that they face and how they constantly stretch themselves to become better. Make them know you enjoy being their teacher. Don’t be seen as the “big bad wolf.” Be reachable. Make them feel valuable, always.

Don’t be quick to condemn your pupils. Always be kind and affectionate but be firm in your approach. Constantly see the good in them irrespective of their characters. You can reward good performances with star stickers. As you do this, it pulls them into more, within the scope of your influence, building trust and confidence in you.


As a parent, your words go a long way in encouraging or discouraging your child.
As a teacher, positive words inspire and are constructive, while negative words discourage and demoralise a pupil.

Your words have profound effect on the attitude and behaviour of your child. Telling your pupils you believe in them and that they can do better with their studies can inspire them to try harder. If a child thinks that his teacher believes he can learn and be good at any subject, that child will feel proud and be ready to improve in his school work. Children desperately need someone to believe in their worth and encourage them to try harder and do their best.

As educators we strive to discover each child’s strength, by doing so we are helping our children discover themselves and also to believe in their abilities.

Always think and stop before saying something degrading to a child.