A drug is any substance that causes a change in an organism’s physiology or psychology when consumed. (Wikipedia)

‘Abuse’ refers to misuse. It simply means using of something to bad effect or for a bad purpose.

Drug abuse has been an age-long challenge that has ravaged the world, cutting across all levels of people especially young adults. ‘Better knowledge for Better Care’ being the theme for the 2020 programme buttresses the need to know and what to do in the face of this challenge.

There is no need to live in denial of the myths and stigma surrounding the abuse of drugs which have further made people plunge deeper into problems. Drugs are different from foods and substances that provide nutritional support to the human body and must not be used inappropriately. They can be harmful to vital organs in the body when abused or used for a prolonged time.

Health and safety is a key signal in the use of drugs. Access to harmful drugs and control of such is a collective responsibility for all. You have a role to play – AVOID PEER PRESSURE, SAVE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH, STAY AWAY FROM DRUG ABUSE TO AVOID DESTRUCTION.

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  1. I just love to celebrate International Day Against Drug Abuse. It’s so helpful to know that there’s a day about fighting drug abuse.

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