In the light of COVID-19

The dramatic turn of events in the last couple of weeks due to the insurgence of the corona virus is quite alarming, devastating and yet very insightful. This global pandemic lays credence to the fact that the world is a global village and that situations can force humanity to unite.

Suddenly, nothing in life really matters anymore; the jobs, the cars, the houses, the loots, the good times and the bad times. All that matters right now is life, survival and existence. Love for living is in its raw state, fear of death and loss has consumed many.

What approach should we take at a trying time like this? Many precautionary measures have been drummed and rehearsed and it is important that we adhere to stipulated measures and co-operate with authorities to stay safe and avoid the spread of this dreadful virus. In addition to these measures, let us observe the following;

  • Social distancing from others should propel closeness to God.
  • Do not raise your panic level by dwelling on the trend of the news. Stay positive and optimistic.
  • Your mental wellbeing is key for survival at this time, guard against depression.
  • Find fun things to occupy you within the confines of your home – music, games, reading novels, storytelling e.t.c.
  • Build your immune system through your mind and actions. A positive mood will help protect your system.
  • Keep physically fit by exercising regularly.

This phase shall pass and we will emerge victorious. We look forward to having everyone safe and complete after the storm. Keep safe; stay at home!

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