IGS @ The Oracle Academy Students Hackathon 2018

Imperial Gate School pupils again emerged as winners at the Oracle Academy Hackathon 2018 held on the 20th of November 2018. The aim of the competition is to encourage innovation in young minds who already have interest in STEM courses. Such activities ignite creativity in pupils and if nurtured can help them develop strong entrepreneurial and career advancement abilities.

This competition took place in Grange School Ikeja with over 100 pupils present. It was a rigorous but worthwhile experience for the participants. Pupils from both public and private schools made up the Junior and Senior categories   that participated in this Coding Competition using Alice, GreenFoot and Oracle SQL.

Pupils were grouped in teams of four and given tasks to carry out; those in the primary session worked with Alice programming language to make a game.  This session was an ice breaker as its essence was to build and foster team spirit and help the pupils get ready for the main challenge in the second session. Although the pupils had no prior knowledge of their team members, they were expected to collaborate and achieve results.

The second session required that the pupils design a program using Alice program to create a situation where people are encouraged to develop a savings culture OR on the likely solution to end poverty. They also created a power point presentation to buttress their points. This intriguing session lasted for about 90 minutes as pupils brainstormed, discussed, researched, deliberated and collectively worked on given tasks. Coaches moved around to encourage, guide and direct the pupils as they worked on their challenge. At the end of this stage, the judges examined all completed tasks and gave their expert verdict.

IGS pupils were in the groups that emerged 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners of the Oracle Academy Hackathon Junior Category. This laudable success shows a drive of these young minds to achieve excellence through determination.








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