COMMUNICATING WITH DIGITAL NATIVES #igslekki #digitalkids #technology [PART 2]

To spend quality time with your kids, you have to put away gadgets and give your undivided attention to them. Here are some tips you should consider in order to have a good talk with your child.

Engage them in Activities
When you are involved in a light activity with your child, your conversation may tend to go deep. Allowing your child to be part of something you like doing maybe a sporting activity, helps them open up to you.
As a parent, taking the extra effort to strengthen the bond with your child (ren) is paramount.

Lead by Example
As an adult, there must be down times for your mobile devices. During family time (Morning Devotion, Dinner etc) the use of mobile devices, if not totally eliminated, should be reduced to the barest minimum and only used when it is urgently necessary.

Monitor When and How Children use their Device
Children will always be children. It is parents’ responsibility to ensure that mobile devices are used for what they have been designed for. Know what your children do with their mobile devices: who they speak with, what is being discussed and when they use their mobile devices. Monitor them to ensure that they do not visit inappropriate sites and that they do not store or upload inappropriate posts with their phones.

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