​Imperial Gate School: The Institution  #igslekki 

We are an educational institution with a mandate to deliver exemplary world class education to children, instilling in them the knowledge, skills and character required to be responsible and productive citizens. We develop the whole essence of the child, encompassing the brain, the brawn and beauty, working from inside all the way through to the outside. We foster genuine love for learning through carefully planned and enriched school experiences. 


Social skills as the skills we need to interact adaptively in our cultural environment. Schools aren’t only a place where pupils learn how to read and write, they also learn to get along with other children and develop social skills.

For children, developing good social skills is very important to their emotional health and wellbeing.  Some children are well endowed with social skills, while some are just on the average, some don’t even possess any social skill. This is because they have different personalities. These skills can be taught either by parents or teachers using different strategies.
Let’s focus on how teachers can help their pupils develop their social skills.
TIP #1:

Children spend most of their time with their peers in school. So, at any given opportunity teachers can help improve this skill. Identify the strengths of all your pupils, their social weaknesses and create opportunities that can help them.
Pair pupils with different social skills; let them learn from each other.
Your class room style shouldn’t only be competitive but cooperative, that way your pupils can be relaxed and learn from each other.

​MY PARENTS – A poem by Brittany Trevisian

‘When I was younger you always knew best,
And as I grew up I never would have guessed,

That everything you told me was right,

And I just needed to put up a fight.

You would tell me I was wrong,

And we would do the same dance and song,

Only for me to learn,

That there are certain things in my life you earn.

You always pushed me to be more,

But only because you wanted me to soar,

You told me I could accomplish whatever I wanted to,

And all I want is to be just like you,