Welcome to our Lower School

​Dear Parents,

It is our delight to welcome you to the Lower (primary) School of this prestigious institution. We all know that the primary school is the foundation and the most important level on which other levels of education stand, you are therefore in for a most outstanding experience in your child’s teaching and learning activities.  

We are committed to developing a learning focused pupil/ child that is provided with all the necessary skills to be successful in the 21st Century global society. Learning, as we all know, is not limited to only academics, but it also includes artistic, musical, physical and intra/inter-personal areas.  

So, we foster independence, critical thinking, problem- solving skills, confidence, public speaking skills, team work, self- discipline and love for learning. Not leaving out the six (6) ethical values from the Pillars of ‘Character Counts’ which include: Fairness, Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, Caring and Citizenship.

Moulding a 360 degree child with these virtues will definitely inspire good leadership skills into such a child who goes on to be a positive ‘game changer’ in his/her society, within and outside the country.

So, join us on our stimulating and excellent pedagogical train ride and be fulfilled! 

Our strong belief in equality of opportunity in education is geared to ensure that  every child counts. This ensures that all pupils, regardless of aptitude or background can fulfill their innate abilities and capabilities with our differential learning programmes. This creative mindset is carried out in an interesting, exciting and stimulating teaching/learning environment with our talented, qualified, God-fearing and indefatigable teachers. Our pupils are assured of a life-long positive learning and experiences. 

We do not exclude the inputs of our ever-supportive parents and stake holders in the nurturance and development of our future generation in I.G.S; ‘our beautiful small world’.  

So, join us on our stimulating and excellent pedagogical train ride and be fulfilled!

Victoria Duru, Sectional Head – Imperial Gate School

App of the week

​Every week we bring you fun, exciting and educational apps you can get for your kids on mobile devices. 

Our App of the week is “ Zoo Alphabet for kids” (Available on Google play store).

Want to teach your toddlers and preschoolers their basic alphabets in an educational, yet fun-filled way?

Zoo Alphabet is just the app you need!


  • All 26 letters along with really cute animated and interactive animals.
  • Extremely pleasant sound effects, music and voice-overs to keep kids entertained for hours
  • 3 different and fun puzzle games making learning so much fun.
  • For ages 3 and above.
  • In-app purchase to unlock full version.

The app also uses cute animal sounds, voice-overs, lively music and animations to make the process of learning easy, even better and enjoyable for little ones.
The kids learn their letters, but together they learn to spell the names of animals, identify the correct letters, and complete a puzzle to make the picture of an animal, use interactive flash cards and so much more.


Hello everyone, at Imperial Gate School we believe helping children tap into their talents and passions is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children. There is no greater self-esteem booster than to know who they are, and be passionate about what they have to offer to the world from a tender age.

As youngsters, it’s not always easy to know what their talents, gifts and passions are. It is because of our interests for the mental and physical wellbeing and growth of our pupils, we put together this post to all parents; 7 ways in which parents can encourage and help children find their gifts and talents. Enjoy it!

#1 Be on the look out

Imperial Gate School believes every child is naturally creative. Tap into your child’s gift whenever you can discover them. What begins with drawings and funny scribbling on paper, short story in a notebook, passion for performing, love for sports or academic interest can kick-start your child’s creativity and self- expression.

#2 Expose your children to a variety of different activities

Try never to limit your child to what you are comfortable and familiar with. If you grew up playing sports, it’s only natural to get your child involved in sports. But this may not be his/her interest or talent. Try other activities as well. Open your mind and your child’s minds to lots of activities and possibilities.

#3 Stay tuned into your child’s world

Listen to whatever your children might be telling you regarding their interests. Children will talk endlessly about what interest them. Even if it doesn’t interest you, still pay attention to them!

And listen to what they are saying about what they don’t like. If they don’t like sports or music class, they have given you valuable information about themselves, work on it and help them out.  

#4 Encourage your child’s gifts and passions

There are many stories of parents “throwing wet blankets” over their children’s dreams because they failed to see success in their children’s chosen passions. Don’t put a halt to your child’s dreams and passions because you see a bleak future.

Even when their passions seem unrealistic, let them follow their hearts and cheer them on

#5 Don’t be afraid to let something  go

Your child may try different activities for a while and then decide he or she doesn’t like them anymore. Even when your child excelled in an activity but you realised he/she didn’t like it anymore, it’s okay to let that activity go. Unless you notice a chronic habit of starting and not finishing, it’s totally okay for children to try things out and find out what is not their forte.

Tell your child he/she needs to finish out the activity for the term and then he or she can quit. This shows your child that he/she needs to keep a commitment that he/she makes, and not waste time, efforts and resources. Finish up the activity, with no questions or pressure and move on. Persistence is the key to success!

#6 Let your child take the lead

It’s always a good idea to let your child take the lead when it comes to choosing a passion or talent. Your role is to be the coach or guide. You make suggestions based on what you are seeing or hearing from the child. You can encourage your child’s talent or passion.

#7 share feelings

A child’s gifts can be stifled by repressed emotions. Take out time to have chats with your kids and advise them adequately.

Dear Prospective Parents

Thank you for your interest in Imperial Gate Education for your children; the choice of a school is one of the most important decisions you will take on their behalf. Our prospectus will give you a firsthand impression of the lmperial Gate experience. There is, however, no substitute for seeing the community in action; you are warmly invited to visit the school any time to discover lmperial Gate’s atmosphere for yourself.

Imperial Gate School has evolved as a benchmark institution which offers continuity of education and development from 15 months to 11 years in a happy, safe, friendly and responsive community where self-confidence, self-esteem and respect flourish. Our pupils are taught in small classes where their individual strengths are recognised and their particular needs supported. 

We are continually reviewing our system in line with the 21st Century Educational goals by providing a range of opportunities and experiences that would enhance the all-round development of our pupils. Initiative, critical thinking, high aspirations, respect for self and for others; self-leadership and self-discipline collectively lie beneath all that we do at lmperial Gate School. 

Our ultimate goal is to turn out global pupils by providing them with the knowledge and skills to function effectively and productively anywhere in the world.  This we achieve, not only through the use of cutting edge technology and other resources, but especially through our experienced and dedicated staff who work as a team to create a stimulating learning environment and a happy community where children are valued as individuals. Our pupils leave IGS well equipped for their secondary school education and for life. 

As stakeholders and an integral part of IGS Community, parents are encouraged to be committed to supporting our vision. We run an open door policy and welcome suggestions that will add value to our children.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I welcome you to a wholesome community of experience and growth. We look forward to the privilege of working with you, to mold, shape and get your children fully prepared to take on life and reign in it. 

Welcome to lmperial Gate School 
Yours Sincerely 

Mrs. Mabel Ogaraku